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Iggy -AI Underwriting Assistant

Iggy is our newest member to the team, and  is already an invaluable asset.  Iggy is the watchdog of IndemniFi  and is being trained as an underwriting and bail agent assistant, answering emails and text and helping with other automation and workflow completions.  Iggy has further assumed the roles of our media department, creating posts and content for social media and websites.  

Iggy, the AI, is fully customizable and ready to go to work for any organization or firm.

Go ahead, see what this AI is capable of.  We know you will be surprised! You won't know what Iggy can do for your organization, until  you talk to him.  Shoot Iggy a message and carry a conversation with him like you would anyone else, talking underwriting and bail.  We can train Iggy for you.

eBail is a registered trademark of Nobs Inc. and Wyoming Bail Agency, and represents the electronic process by which our clients can arrange for and obtain bail bonds completely electronically, also known as and can be used in conjunction with IndemniFi. 

IndemniFi is the registered trademark of Nobs Inc. and Wyoming Bail Agency, which refers to the development of an "in-external" System as a Service for bail bond or surety companies where they can create and manage their marketing, customers, tracking, and other aspects of their business all in one place.  IndemniFi is completely customizable to suit the needs of the agency, agent, and customer.   Currently we are running IndemniFi Version 1.0 on our own site, which represents the external facing platform.  Version 2.0 represents the internal facing platform to be released in August 2022, while Version 3.0 represents the two conjoined in the inexternal facing platform to be released in December 2022.   

Hive is an early stage risk management agency set to bring its product to the market via that of a verified and secure ledger, through the development of its own technology and interface. 


We have other projects in the mix, but we can't give all of our secrets up in one place!  If you are interested more about our projects, or if you think we could help with one of your own projects then feel free to drop us a line and let us know!


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