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We offer a broad range of services as they pertain to risk management in the field of surety and insurance, justice, technology, data collection, asset recovery, systems as a service, underwriting, marketing, branding, and consultation.  Find more about each of our services below.   


We are on the cutting edge of solutions when you need reliable information to be gathered, processed, analyzed, reported, and consulted upon. All of our services fall into the category of Risk Management revolving around that of surety and insurance, investigations, data collection, underwriting, systems as a service, technology, and other like solutions.


We are developing a technology that allows insurers, agencies, and producers to work hand-in-hand, flawlessly and seamlessly with consumers.  Imagine an internal-external facing soliciting and underwriting solution, custom to your organizational needs and meets every component from the consumer and producer, to the agency and insurer. 


We are familiar and experienced with the justice system, and know that our technology and process solutions could be very useful to attorneys and courts alike. Everything from internal to external tracking of clients, personnel, case management, and web or platform design to be used with existing websites or platforms. 


When your organization needs to be informed, we can find ways to bring the data to you.  From data collection and management systems to strategic investigations we make sure you have the information that you always need. 


Asset tracking and recovery. We can develop and implement a solution that allows you to track assets within your organization and easily allow for recovery.  We also devise and implement recovery strategies. 


We underwrite small independent producers  helping them to start their own businesses, by providing them with access to our technology, and sources for development and risk management. 

To find out about more about our services and what we have to offer, let's start the initial assessment. Give us a call, or submit the form below.

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